Let your computer choose the wallpaper of the day


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Do you have a lot of pictures and photos in your HD and you want to enjoy all of them in your desktop?

Now you have an easy way to do it.

Wallperizer is a full featured application designed to give a new appearance to your ecreen.

If you down’t want to be changing your wallpaper each five minutes or maybe you don’t know which one you like the most, you can use this application which will change it each certain time so you can enjoy all of them, surprising you, because you won’t know the wallpaper you will find the next time you see the desktop.

But not only does it change the wallpaper, but it can do it by applying some transition effects, you can select the times it will be changed, resize the pictures,...

And if you want to plan something, don’t worry because it can show on screen a calender which can result really useful
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